Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Art Journal Travel Kit (small)

After looking around on the web and deciding I needed a travel kit for my art journaling I have put 2 kits together. One is a small one for day trips. I can fit it in my purse or backpack, or just in my "box" in the car. The large kit is huge, and I will share the content of that one in another post. It is meant for long road trips.

So this small kit only has what one need for doing a little watercoloring, drawing, and writing. If I want to add more, like collage pieces, tape, etc, I can do so when I get home. I keep the kit in 2 separate zip-lock bags. One for the journal itself and one for all the other content.

This is what the full kit looks like.

The journal is a small 7x5 inches handmade journal that I bought from Tangie Baxter & Co on Etsy. Check out their products here: Tangie's Etsy shop. I really like their journals. Good quality work, and the paper is just wonderful. Great for everything I do.

The content of my little bag:
1. A small selection of my favorite colors of cheap Loew-Cornell watercolor pencils. They are not great, but good enough for this purpose.
2. A few Prismacolor coloring pencils. Awesome pencils really.
3. A 12-pack of Inktense pencils. I absolutely love these. I could not have a kit that doesn't include at least a few Inktense pencils.
4. These are new. 8 Crayola shimmering glittery coloring pencils. I can't really tell you much about those yet.
5. Several different pens. A cheap fountain pen, a couple of Sakura Glaze pens (white and black), a couple of fine tip Sharpies.
6. A tiny watercolor pan.
7. Watercolor brushes. Preloaded with water. One is from Sakura, and the other is a Speedball. So much easier than having to bring a water container and several brushes.
8. Selection of regular pens.

These are the watercolors I use for this small kit. It has 12 colors and comes with 1 small brush. It is about $7 at Walmart.

I also always have some paper towels and wipes (Wet Ones). But that is mostly just want I would have in the car, purse, or backpack anyway.

Hope you found this post informative and maybe it can help you put together your own little kit and take art journaling on the road with you.